Eating Like a Savage

I still do this today as a triathlete, but back when I was at the top of the game as a swimmer and water polo player – I ate like a complete savage.

After those 5,000-6,000 yard workouts (and 10k+ during Christmas break) I’d absolutely smash on any food I could get my hands on. Most of it was the essence of pure shit in nutritional value, but damn do eight chili dogs & a family fry taste phenomenal after a workout.

Dietitians and other professionals are going to tell you eating healthy is the best choice. Well, maybe that’s true but they don’t realize that’s not your most economical option if you’re a broke athlete. When you’re poor as shit eating this kind of food is acceptable just because you need the calorie intake. That massive amount of regular cardio is your hall pass to eating like there’s no tomorrow. Have you ever seen what Michael Phelps used to consume on a regular basis? It was all about the calories for fuel.

A note you should take heed to. When you’re shoveling this food in your face just because you need the calories…you really have no idea how fast you’re doing it. It’s been years since I’ve been at my peak of athletic performance, yet I still consume whatever food I’m eating at least twice as fast as the next fastest person. People will point this out to me on a regular basis. So, remember to bring your manners with you on dates because eating like a savage is frowned upon.



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