Solutions for Picky Eaters

It’s hard to be a picky eater and be an athlete who does massive amounts of cardio. Eventually you’ll go through phases and you’ll no longer be able to bare the sight of your favorite foods. It’s in your best interest to broaden your pallet.

First of all, quite a few picky eaters tend to dismiss foods because they sound weird. You’re judging a book by its cover – that’s something that’ll need to change.

The easy solution? Drop the words “no,” “can’t,” “don’t,” and “won’t,” from your food vocabulary.

I wasn’t a very picky eater when I was growing up, but naturally there were foods I wouldn’t eat. Then…I went to college.

College changed my life with trying to swim and play water polo on the side. College also left me poor as shit almost into my 30s. Like they say, “beggars can’t be choosers,” and since I left for college I have never said “no” to a single meal. It’s why I get called a human garbage disposal today because I eat absolutely anything.

Being an athlete, especially an endurance athlete, your body will crave those calories at the end because you operate in a deficit; you shouldn’t limit your food options because you’ll get tired of them eventually. Besides, if you had something new and didn’t like it – just don’t have it again.

Just so you know, junk food is not off limits. Human nutrition professor Mark Haub proved with his “convenience store” diet that it’s just about the calories.



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