The Confluence of Broken Goggles

Everyone breaks goggles; it’s a fact of life in swimming. Most of the time it’s just a strap and that’s easily replaceable. However, when it’s part of the goggles itself, usually the loops for the nose piece or straps, then that’s just the death of that pair. You have the choice of just tossing them or saving them for spare parts.

If you’ve been swimming long enough, you’ve at least tried to build one good pair of goggles out of a couple of broken pairs. It’s when you mix lenses you get these pseudo 3D sets.

The first time I ever tried this I was probably about 15 years old. I had a light blue set of first generation Speedo Vanquishers. One day the plastic on the left socket holding the nose piece broke. My then girlfriend had a broken set in her locker that was pink. The experimentation was about to begin.

Luckily she had the eye piece I needed, so now I was able to build a working set. It was funky for a little while. The different color tints took some time to adjust to and consistent pool lighting conditions will help with that. Eventually I needed to replace the nose piece and someone on the team had a black one in my size in their locker. If I were to replace the rubber strap with a nylon strap so I’d have the true Frankenstein of goggles.

For the longest time that pair would from trunk to trunk of each car I drove in case I ever needed a pair. I thought they had been lost quite a few years ago, but they magically turned up when unpacking one of my moving boxes last weekend. I suppose they should go back in the trunk of the car where they belong in case I ever need them again.


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