How to Write a Race Report

The simple answer: “Who, what, when, why and how?”

As an age-grouper, your race report shouldn’t be solely about the race; you’ll want it to encompass the entire experience.

So tell us the things you did the day of check-in. Where did you go? The things you might have saw? Any cool restaurants you ate at? Include some pictures, they help fill in the blanks for people whom have never been to that place before. If it’s an Ironman or half-Ironman…maybe you’ll want to share a little bit about the process that went into it. Talk about your diet or nutrition plan?

As for the day of the race there’s so much you can say. How were you feeling? What was the atmosphere like? Were there any smells or aromas that stuck out to you? Any thoughts that crossed your mind? What happened in the race? Any cool signs? Which aide station put on the best show? Do you remember any of the songs playing along the course? Did you see any of your friends or family? Anything bad happen? What did you learn for the next time? How did you do?

It’s not to hard. Again, it’s just describing your experience of that weekend for everyone else to live through your memory. 

One last thing to keep in mind…not every race will be a success. There will be some that are experiences you can’t wait to forget. First, you’ll get over it quicker by getting all of your thoughts and feelings about the race out of your head. Second, people google race reports for races they’d like to sign up for; so it is very helpful to others to know about your race. That being said, don’t feel like you need to filter or censor yourself unless it would jeopardize something in your personal or professional life. 



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