If this is your first Ironman or half-Ironman distance race and you’re all about wanting to remember this moment forever…get the TriTats.

Here’s the deal with body marking at races:

A volunteer will take a fat permanent marker and proceed to write your number on your arms and your age on your calf. Then, you can apply your sunscreen. Here’s the kicker: the sunscreen makes the markings come off really easy. If you wear a wetsuit most of it will have rubbed off then. By the time you’re on the run, there’s not much left.

TriTats are¬†temporary tattoos that cost $15 for all the numbers you’ll need (including shipping. They’re worth it and they last about a week after if you don’t rub them off. You can wear them with pride around the office when people you ask you what that is on your arm. They look great in the photos you can buy and in the ones your cheering sections takes as well.

Side note: If you have to carry around a gear bag or anything that will rest over top of your TriTats, make sure there is a shirt sleeve or a some kind of barrier in between to prevent them from rubbing away.


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