The Gold Mine That is the Lost and Found

You read that title correctly. The lost and found is your gold mine.

Kids are awesome at leaving stuff behind after swim meets or trips to the pool. The thing about swim meets is most of the time they’ll never be returning for their stuff because they’re not coming back there for another meet if it wasn’t their home pool.

So how does that make it your gold mine?

Are you in that phase where you’re looking for a new pair of goggles and haven’t found any you like yet? Grab a pair out of the lost and found! It’s a chance to try goggles out without having to buy them. If you didn’t like how they felt, just put them back in the lost and found. However, if you did find that magical pair, you now can start buying a few pair for yourself.

If you need towels and don’t care about what they look like…the lost and found is your spot. No one ever returns for those and they sit in the lost and found forever. Same thing goes for water bottles. I end up losing those when doing flying dismounts and can’t get my leg high enough to go over top. I wouldn’t snag one if it looks like it was growing a potential cure for MRSA inside.


Most of the time the things that remain in the lost in found get donated to Goodwill or some other thrift store. When I was a lifeguard, the rule was if it was in there for a week and no one had the dying urge to come back for it, then it became up for grabs. It’s certainly better than throwing down tons of money on goggles that didn’t work for me!


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