Etiquette for Drafting a Stranger

We’ve all been out riding on a trail or on some back country road and came across fellow riders we didn’t know. If you’re going to draft off of them…there’s a little bit of etiquette you should know.

First of all, these aren’t your friends, at least not yet. You don’t know how they ride, so make sure you’re not literally drafting right off of their back tire. That can get kind of dangerous with people you aren’t familiar with so give a little bit more space.

Next, make it a point to introduce yourself. If you’re getting a free ride you might as well try to make a couple of new friends. You may even get a couple of new riding buddies at the end of the day. If you don’t know what to say to your new amigos, “Are you training for anything right now?” is an easy ice breaker because they’ll always have an answer. They may even be doing the same race as you!

Last, don’t be that guy who drafts the whole time. Put some work in and do a little bit of pulling too. If you all end up at the same spot at the end of the ride don’t be shy, exchange numbers. 


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